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The Langham Dome was build in 1942 as an anti-aircraft gunnery simulator.  It used highly sophisticate technology for that era.  44 such Domes where build around the country during WW2.  By the 1990s only six we still standing.  Following a campaign of dedicated enthusiasts the Langham Dome was renovated with funding from the Heritage Lottery and English Heritage, and opened as a museum in June 2014.  It is the only Dome, of the six, to have been saved from dereliction and be accessible to the general public. 


Today it tells the story of how the technology came about and why it was needed.  It also tells the story of the Squadrons that were based at the Airfield during the War and during the Cold War and the operations conducted by them.  

In August 2020 a full sized Spitfire mk9 was erected on a pedestal beside the Dome.  In July 2021 it was dedicated to Richard Younghusband who was killed in July 1953 whilst flying a silver Spitfire from Langham.


The Dome remains a living memorial to the 152 men killed whilst flying from or into Langham airfield or on the ground.


We are open from April to end of October, but please check our website for more details as to which days we are open

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